Pillar Points to Remember…

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Here’s another excerpt from my 10th book, The Secret of Vigor – How to Overcome Burnout, Restore Biochemical Balance and Reclaim Your Natural Energy

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions every year are:
*Lose Weight
*Get in Shape
*Reduce Stress
*Get Healthier
*Win the Lottery

The Secret of Vigor can help you with 4 out of 5 of the most popular resolution goals, so I’ll be posting excerpts from the book for the next several weeks – so please stay tuned for each installment.

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Pillar Points to Remember…
Let’s recap the process of oxidation, because excessive oxidation saps vigor, and managing this process is one way to strengthen this key pillar of health.

Overexposure to free radicals—and the cellular “oxidative” damage they can cause—leads to tissue dysfunction, DNA damage, reduced mitochondrial-energy production, and the ill health that you generally recognize as aging and burnout, which represents a complete loss of vigor. Too much oxidation is bad—got it?

Free radical damage can be reduced by the balanced activity of internal antioxidant enzymes and dietary antioxidant nutrients—remember, not too few or too many. The sum of the Antioxidant Network is more effective than its individual parts. In practical terms, this means you want to consume small amounts of a variety of antioxidant nutrients every day. For example, consuming more flavonoids (found in berries, grapes, and citrus fruits) can also prevent the oxidation and loss of vitamin C and increase cellular levels of glutathione, which can switch on DNA-repair enzymes and help regulate chronic inflammation and immune function. You also want to do everything you can to promote your body’s own production of it’s internal antioxidant enzymes (an emerging area of science referred to as “nrf2-activation” that will be covered in coming sections).

Unfortunately, when building vigor, you can’t just manage oxidation and stop there, because the process of oxidation also impacts inflammation—most notably and directly via the activity of your immune system. The next chapter, “Health Pillar 2—Control Inflammation,” delves into this issue more deeply.

Pillars in Action (Vigor, Energy, and Immune Function)
Nora was a first-grade teacher who actively managed oxidation to improve her vigor. At forty-four years old, with nearly twenty years of teaching experience, Nora, like a lot of teachers, suffered from daily fatigue and a high susceptibility to catching colds. She was already taking large doses of vitamin C to try to “stimulate” her immune system, but it didn’t seem to help until she added the other components of the Antioxidant Network (vitamin E, flavonoids, thiols, carotenoids) and beta-glucan to support immune-system function (a major source of oxidation in the body). Along with these dietary supplements, Nora also incorporated Vigor Improvement Practices, including getting eight hours of sleep on most nights and writing in her gratitude journal before bed.
Within one month, Nora’s Vigor Score had improved from Low (25 points) to High (5 points). She finally had abundant energy during the day for her students and in the evenings for her family, and for the first time in many years of teaching, she used zero sick days across an entire school year.

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