Wicked Fast Newsletter (May 2012)

Wicked Fast News May 2012

We get lots of questions about our products at my little endurance nutrition company (Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition) – people asking things like how to best use Energ-Ease during an ultramarathon – or how much Recover-Ease to take during a multi-day stage race – or whether Intense Defense is better taken once or twice daily.
After a few months away from the Newsletter, I thought I’d try to get back into “newslettering” by answering two of our most common questions:
1. Why do Wicked Fast products contains gelatin – and do you have any plans to switch to “veggie” capsules?
2. Does Wicked Fast have a sponsorship program?
I’ll answer each of these questions below (short-version) and provide some more detailed explanations (longer version) on our Wicked Fast Blog (along with whatever comments people choose to post).
Not to generalize too much, but we often get questions along the lines of, “Hey Wicked Fast – I absolutely LOVE your products – they work better than anything I’ve ever tried – I’m flying in my runs, swims, bike workouts – and I’m setting PRs in my races, etc. – BUT, I’m a vegan/vegetarian and I have to empty the capsules into my smoothie to get the nutrients without the gelatin capsules – what gives?”
If Wicked Fast were like a lot of nutrition companies, we might look at the hundreds of questions that we receive like this and say, “Great, let’s just switch over to veggie caps and all these vegetarians will buy more of our stuff!” 
But we don’t.
We don’t make that switch (like so many other companies) because doing so would compromise the stability, quality, potency, and ultimately the effectiveness of our products.
Having been a vegetarian myself for many years, I completely understand the “veggie cap” viewpoint – but if endurance athletes want our products to continue working better than anything else out there, they need to stay in gelatin capsules. 
When it comes to answering the “sponsorship” question, let me first start with simply saying that I “get” it – really. Endurance athletes, especially fast ones, love to get stuff for free – and love to wear logos from “sponsors” – and love even more to get PAID to use free logo’d stuff from sponsors. As a sponsored athlete “back in the day” in cycling, triathlon, and rowing (by the US Olympic Committee, Texaco, Trek, Exceed, Powerbar, and others) I completely and totally understand that sponsorship is what drives a large portion of the endurance sports category. If someone wants to pay you to eat Powerbars instead of Clif bars – or pay you to ride Trek bicycles instead of Specialized, then you should do it! I’m not at all “against” sponsorship, but it’s just not how we operate at Wicked Fast.
At Wicked Fast, we take the approach that by avoiding the high-costs associated with sponsorships (and advertising), we can offer a more premium, higher potency, more effective formula – and offer it at a very reasonable price to our customers.

Experimental Biology 2012

Lots of people have been asking me to post larger versions of the poster presentations that I delivered at the Experimental Biology scientific conference in April 2012 – so here they are uploaded to the gallery.

These presentations were in FOUR different scientific sessions – which is important because it shows that the MonaVie products studied can provide “whole body” health benefits in a variety of areas:

Session: Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (Study: Effects of brown seaweed and licorice on blood glucose and weight loss in moderately overweight subjects) = http://bestfutureyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/talbott-eb2012-fucoxanthin-poster.pdf

Session: Biochemistry of Vitamins and Minerals (Study: Improvement in skin carotenoid levels assessed by reflectance spectroscopy) = http://bestfutureyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/eb2012-carotenoids-spectroscopy.pdf

Session: Energy and Nutrient Metabolism (Study: Effects of MonaVie RVL weight loss program on body composition and blood lipids) = http://bestfutureyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/eb2012-monavie-rvl-poster.pdf

Session: Metabolic and Disease Processes (Study: Acai juice with beta-glucan reduces URTI symptoms and improves mood state in stressed subjects) = http://bestfutureyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/talbott-eb2012-mmun-betaglucan.pdf

Hope you find these studies interesting…